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Quality apps for making world one home

globYo aims to bring you advice for living a life on many sides of the world through the mobile Android application market.

We set as a goal to deliver a unique experience of having everything what you need in a foreign country with just a few clicks. What may be perfectly acceptable in one country, it may have completely opposite effect in another. If life is looking too small for you, if only what you can see are borders and limitations, have in mind that life can be more open and that you can find your special place there… and not only one.

Because internet was never so close to the real world as now. But make it closer.

Our goal is to help you, not to just read it, but to live it!

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Dos & Don’ts Country list will be updated soon

 In Dos & Don’ts application currently are covered 42 countries with more then 500 tips. List of currently covered countries can be found here. You should not forget that user can add new Do or Don’t for any country and maybe you can be the first one to enter it for your country. Soon is …

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globYo goes to social networks

 globYo can be found now also on two popular social networks. Facebook profile will give you regular updates, motivational thoughts for changing a life, so as tips for living a life in a different country taken from Dos & Don’ts application. It is simple, just Like it and you will receive it too. globYo at Twitter will tweet with …

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Dos and Don’ts – Android smart phone mobile application

As a first child of globYo, comes “Dos and Don’ts”, Android smart phone mobile application. You want to know dos and don’ts in the foreign culture? This App will tell you. Did you know that in China you should avoid any touching of the other people? Or that in Germany men DO NOT click their heels …

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globYo is alive!

globYo idea started to develop with a goal to create one global network with overview to all who wants to make their own life global and with intercultural interaction of all members. We wanted to find out users most important needs in globalization, so globYo Team decided to start  to help users step by step by developing android mobile smart …

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